June 26, 2007


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Well, so far today I didn’t get to measuring how much fabric I’ll need. I did however, color my design with the new color scheme, and have decided to most certainly use the embroidered fabric…



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I’m still on the fence about the sleeve fabric…My biggest issue with it is that I’m trying not to take away from the royal blue. In person it’s a very vibrant shade and I want to play that up a bit.

Anyway, the plan for today is to measure how much of the expensive fabric I’ll be needing for the dress. (In the event that I go with it) The fabric is a little on the pricey side and I’d hate to over (or under) order. I’m also going to play around with the design a little, perhaps changing the V-shape on the front as I don’t think want a two piece dress…

I also want to start drawing the design to full scale, this way once I get the supplies I can get started right away.

June 25, 2007

I’m going with the blue

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However, I’m using another fabric for the sleeve,pleats and side bodice, as the one I originally picked out wasn’t giving the look that I wanted.

New fabric:

June 23, 2007

Step one: Creating the design

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I’m making yet another solo dress. This will be the 7th Irish dancing costume that I’ve made. I’m starting to feel more comfortable with the process, and am looking forward to sewing it. (I’ve looking even more forward to having it done!)

I started with one semi-complete design for this dress, which had the general idea plus the bottom panel drawn out. I had misplaced the original sketch and then drew it out again, copying the version I had scanned onto the computer. This second sketch has the front design complete, and includes some changes in the knotwork and overall design. I’m sure the design will change again as I start to sew, however the knotwork will most likely remain the same.

I’m having a tough time deciding what colors I want my costume to be. I’ve finally narrowed it down to two different color schemes. The first is a royal blue with silver accents. The second is red-coral with silver.

http://www.geocities.com/mysolodress/new Go there to vote for your favorite color scheme!