July 31, 2007


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The top is now fully applique’d, I’m hoping to get some photos tonight to post here.
Last night I redrew the knotwork for the front panel, I like it so much better! Tomorrow I’ll be cutting out the appliques for it so I can really get moving on this dress.

Progress report

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I’ve managed to get all of the applique cut out for the top. Tomorrow I’m planning to do the embroidery and start cutting more appliques.

July 29, 2007


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Well, I made it to Joanns this morning and bought thread, interfacings, cotton, etc. I also got the pattern all set, so I can cut the fabric, I just have to get cracking! I’ll probably start after dinner or after the JK Rowling interview at 7:00 on NBC…

Cutting fabric is THE worst thing in the entire process of Irish dancing costumes, perhaps even the worst part of sewing in general…Some dressmakers think attatching the skirt to the top is the worst, but I haven’t had much trouble there thankfully.

I’m not sure how crazy I am about the new knotwork design I have drawn up for the front panel. I may try some other things very similar to my very first concept sketch….I want to really love this dress and I refuse to settle for anything less. :-p

July 28, 2007

Vacation is over, now it’s back to work

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I had a nice break from everything while I was in Ocean City for a few days. Now that I’m back I have to really concentrate on getting this dress done!

Right before I left I measured my last dress made with the Irish threads pattern; that dress had the panels significantly reduced in width. I had to wait until I was at my friends house to see it in person, so it took a little bit of time before it was measured..Anyway, so today I compaired the measurements to the pattern I had drawn out and saw that I was totally off, so the knotwork was too big that I had done for the skirt. I wound up redrawing it, and changing some elements in the design. Now the skirt is officially drawn up, and I’ve drawn some of the designs onto the Heat and Bond. Now I need to get to Joanns this weekend for some thread and other supplies.

July 16, 2007


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I just received my order from White Lodge fabrics, and the embroidered fabric is exquisite! The tiny sample didn’t do it justice. I was also surprised to see a pretty decorative border on the edge of the fabric which I’m hoping to incorporate into the hems of the sleeve and skirt. This is by far the most amazing fabric. I’m also going to make a nice flowing cape for the back which will show off how gorgeous the fabric is.

July 12, 2007

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The Royal blue silk arrived in the mail today. It looks even prettier when I see it in larger quantities. =)


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I’ve drawn up the front of the dress in full scale, now I have to decide what the back of the dress will look like…I’m bad that way, I tend to design the back of the dress as I go along! I know I want to make a soft cape out of the embroidered fabric, but as far as specific knotwork for the back goes, I’ve got nothing. Although I’m thinking it’ll be a modified version of the front…

July 10, 2007

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Ouch! The exchange rate of United Kingdom Pounds to US dollars is crazy. GPB’s are worth about twice what the US dollar is; That makes purchasing fabric down-right painful! (and people wonder why solo dresses are so pricey! It all of those sequinned and embroidered fabrics from the UK!)

July 9, 2007

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I ordered the fabric and stiffener today! =)

Now I just have to get those designs drawn up full scale…

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