March 5, 2008

Things are really moving along now!

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The appliqués are all embroidered now. I just have to add some more stiffener to the front panels, and line 7 of the 8. I also need to the finish the pleats. (well, more like smaller panels, but I call them pleats because they’re going where I’d normally put a pleat) Once that’s all finished I’ll be making the underskirt. Tomorrow I want to line the panels, and prep the pleats for finishing.


On Sunday I embroidered the first 4 panels.

Here’s an example of what embroidery can do for appliqués. The stitching really makes the design pop.


Today I finished the appliqués on the remaining panels, and got the lining cut out, along with the rest of the stiffener.


I also bent some pins along the way. The stiffener is flexible, but it certainly isn’t kind to cheap straight pinspins1.jpg.


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